Ad Hoc Committee on Marijuana Regulatory Framework

This Committee is chaired by stakeholder Matt Garland.
Committee Members are:  Donald Galaz, Frank Anderson and Alexander Hall.


Link to White Paper approved January 10, 2017

City Council President Herb Wesson’s Letter on Marijuana Regulatory Framework – 10-04-16

There will be two competing Cannabis measures on the March 2017 ballot (below). One is sponsored by the UCBA Trade Association, a group of Prop D compliant dispensaries. The other is sponsored by the City Council.

    1. prop-d-dispensaries-sponsored-ballot-measure
    2. city-sponsored-cannabis-ballot-measure

We will have ongoing public hearings related to Cannabis regulation throughout the City, and plan to have everything in place by July, 2017:  Our next two scheduled public hearings/forums are on Tues. Nov. 29th @ 6pm in LA City Hall and Wed. Dec. 7th @ 6pm in Van Nuys City Hall (see flyer below)

Please also see the powerpoints below to get some context for the issues that will be discussed over the next several months.

  1. 14-0366-s5_misc_8-19-16
  2. 14-0366-s5_misc_11-2-16